HotVPN Client

HotVPN Client 2.0

Secures internet connection by masking user IP
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Access various Internet sites without disclosing your location or personal online data by setting up a virtual private network redirecting all data transfers through a remote server and preventing recognition. The program supports quick IO change without interrupting the connection.

HotVPN Client is a program which allows you to secure your Internet connection in just a couple simple steps without having to deal with settings and complicated software.
- Connection via 1, 2 or even 4 servers.
- Exclusive 3-step data protection system.
- Quick IO change without interrupting the connection.
- Feature allowing automatic change of IP and server after regular time intervals.
- No logs – the history of user’s activity just doesn’t get saved anywhere.
- 100% anonymous payment method available.
- Simple and convenient software client.

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